Rebecca Bangs | Artist Statement


I like to celebrate the joy I feel when interacting with nature, but by using only small brushes or acrylic pens and simple dots.  It is an exercise in mindfulness to create the 7-8 layers of tiny marks that will make up a pointillism piece.


Time painting in pointillism really depends on the dot size to surface size ratio.  As an example, my 3’x4’ pieces can take about 4 hours per square foot, and my 6”x6” pieces with the even smaller dots can take a single 4 hour session.


An unusual side effect of pointillism is that it doesn’t translate as well to still imaging.  These types of pieces are best experienced in person.  How one perceives them as realism from a distance is quite different when one is nose to nose with the piece where it is more abstract.


While I’m always experimenting with color, dot size, planes, and simple abstractions, these paintings manage to transcend my scientific curiosities and read as a signature of  “happy, bold and confident”.  These works have been shown and collected nationally and internationally, but can be most often found in various gallery shows here in the Bay Area.