This schedule of painting, being on a board, taking art and business classes, keeping a house (sort of... and oh, what is that jungle outside my window?!), ferrying kids and dealing with college applications and mock trial competitions is intense.  As organized as I typically am, all of the extra activities have me feeling frazzled and fried.

Within this space of total overwhelm I'm becoming totally smitten with the idea of minimalism.  Have fewer things so there is less to maintain, tidy, and work around?  Have fewer things so you can really pay attention to the important people in your life?  Have time in the schedule for health maintenance?  Sounds like nirvana!

I've always been a huge fan of organizing, but I'm now realizing it just means I'm good at tidying and hiding large quantities of things.  Deciding what sparked joy or not helped me clear out quite a bit, but it didn't help with the mental and emotional overwhelm.  However,  The Minimalists have a different question to ponder.  "Does this thing bring value to my life?"... with "thing" being loosely defined as item, person, event, task, etc.

While I haven't started assessing the physical things around me... namely the overflowing drawers in the kitchen that I'm already mentally clearing out, I have started reevaluating my schedule.  Before I add something to it, I ask myself if this meeting/event/activity truly brings value to my life.  I've been quite surprised that it is easy to eliminate some commitments when I ask this very simple but powerful question.  This week I have both gym and painting time back in the schedule.  Loving it!!!

Now, I'm not saying everyone should rush out and become a minimalist.  That's a completely personal choice and process.  But, I think everyone could benefit from asking themselves, "Does this bring value to my life?".

Wishing you ease in your schedule.

All the best,


ps.  The photo posted above is a birthday gift I painted for my Father-in-Law.  I'm hoping it brings both joy and value for many years to come.