Commissions can be a fun way to take your favorite images from nature and turn them into a unique painting.  A favorite family vacation spot?  Sunset?  Visitors to your garden?  Smaller sizes are wonderful for bringing joy to small nooks or shelves.  Larger pieces create bold statements.  Due to the nature of the painting style, no two pieces can ever be alike.

My clients tend to value the natural world and be thoughtful and kind.  As such, I do not charge commission fees for any sizes between 6"x6" and 48"x48".

Your custom piece should bring you joy as you pass it each morning with your favorite beverage of choice in hand.  If you do not absolutely love it, you do not have to purchase it once completed.

Shipping is the same as for my other pieces, free within the the contiguous United States for sizes 6"x6" to 48"x48".  As with my other pieces, there is a 7 day trial period to make any returns as needed.  This allows for you to confirm the colors work for your space... unless you want an excuse for that new couch.  ;-)

To inquire about a commission, please click the "learn more" button for email or call 650.339.1278.