“This North American artist boasts an exquisite pointillist style that allows for different levels of appreciation depending on the distance from which her works are viewed.”

"The intricate mixture of colors through layers of tiny dots become a relaxing harmony of color ranges that would initially seem incompatible. This meticulous technique automatically makes you think about the meditative nature of her slow process."

— Mtn World Blog, November 7, 2017


"As part of the festivities, the Guild launched its first National Juried Competition. The jurors were Donna Seager and Suzanne Gray of Seager Gray Gallery. The Guild received responses from across the country, with a total of 370 pieces submitted for consideration."

“All the art submitted is wonderful, and the jurors were challenged to settle on their top choices,” said Jackie Lee of the Guild.

— sonoma index-tribune, august 31, 2017


"Elevating the arts profile is also a priority for Rebecca Bangs, president of the Art Center of Redwood City and San Carlos, another Open Studio site. A San Carlos resident, Bangs has been working in contemporary pointillism for the last three years, and will be showcasing her paintings along with 26 other artists at the Art Center."

“A lot of people see art as a luxury, and we think it would be great to shift the culture so that it is more mainstream,” [Rebecca] said.

— San Mateo Daily Journal, December 3, 2016

"While a completed painting for me is one that has a certain intensity about it and color that pulls the eye all around in a beautiful way, a successful painting is one that makes someone tell me how joyful the painting makes them feel. This is the same joy I experience when I find the inspiration, and the same joy I have while painting the piece.
To connect with someone at that basic level is a celebration."  R. Bangs

— Berkeley Art Center featured artist, September, 2016


"She has a scientist’s curiosity about her, perpetually asking and testing questions while working. Her questions range from the interplay between colors, to the size of the dots, to the number of layers – no variable is left un-hypothesized, and, [Rebecca] says, “there’s still quite a lot I want to discover.”  

— U-Gallery Blog, august 24, 2016


"While hiking though a marshy area in the Bay Area with family, fine art painter Rebecca Bangs found inspiration for her “Family Time” series of four paintings. “The gentle breeze across our faces brought the lovely smells of dry grasses and native flowers. We paused frequently to take in the birds and beautiful views, giving ourselves permission to take all of the time we needed. Across the long fields we watched idly as four horses meandered by. The shortest rider at the end of the line was being patiently guided by someone on foot as the more experienced riders went on slowly ahead. The front riders would stop and let their horses nibble at the swaying grasses, waiting quietly for the last members of the group. If you look really closely, you can find the riders making their guest appearance.”"

— the spectrum, june, 2016